NewGen IEDC Facility


In view of promoting and supporting student start-ups in science and technology institutions, Government of India has introduced a scheme “New Generation Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre” (NewGen IEDC). The NewGen IEDC centre will function for the span of five academic years to develop 85 numbers of student's projects. Based on the infrastructure facilities and intellectual potential of the faculties, S&T institutions will be awarded by this scheme along with a total grant of Rs.2,87,50,000/-. The grant includes Rs.25,00,000/- as one-time initial establishment amount and Rs.10,00,000/- as annual recurring amount to establish and functions the centre respectively. Further, each student’s project will be funded with an amount of Rs.2,50,000/- for developing a commercially viable product.

About NEC-NewGen IEDC

National Engineering College is awarded with NewGen IEDC scheme in the academic year 2017-18. The NEC NewGen IEDC centre is established in NEC and successfully completed two academic years and there by developed 25 number of commercially viable products. 22 numbers of patents are filed from the outcomes of the projects and 2 student start-ups are developed. Beyond product development, the centre actively functions by conducting varies Entrepreneurship orientation programmes, entrepreneurship lecture series and so on to encourage the Techno-Entrepreneurial culture among the students. In addition, in order to commercialize the developed products, it is planned to conduct a product exhibition for disseminating the products to general public and Industrial persons. In this connection, A product expo is organized by the centre on 21st & 22nd September 2019 for showcasing the NewGen IEDC funded products developed in the year 2017-18. Dr.Sunil Shukla, Director, EDII, Ahmedabad have arrived as chief guest and inaugurated the Product Expo. The student’s projects for the third batch of NEC NewGen IEDC are about to be sanctioned in near future.


Product Developement Cost


Recurring Expenditure


Non-Recurring Expenditure



3D Printer

  •  Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF).
  •  Printing area 400x400x400 mm,
  •  Dual extruder.
  •  Minimum layer thickness: 0.05 mm,
  •  Printer nozzles diameter: 0.30 mm to 0.80 mm.
  •  Wide range of thermoplastic materials, including PLA,ABS,nylon,rubber(TUP).
  •  Integrated LCD control panel.