Design and Fabrication of Tractor Rear Loader for Farm Application

Indian agriculture and farm sector are facing acute manpower shortage owing to migration of persons towards industrial areas located in urban zones. However, the available labours in rural areas are aged or unskilled in agricultural works. At this juncture, the farmers are left with the use of mechanized devices for their agricultural related works. Now a day, the small and medium level farmers have started using tractors and its attachments widely.

Even though many tractor attachments are present in the market, handling of agricultural stock, fertilizers, manures are cumbersome in nature and consumes large human efforts. It paved a path in design and development of stock handling device as a tractor attachment indigenously. A tractor rear loading device has been designed and fabricated to handle any type of agricultural stock to load the tractor trailer or truck. The device is attachable to various models of tractors such as Mahindra Arjun (605) , Mahindra (575) , Swaraj (744) , Sonalika (855) without changing its actual mechanism provided by the manufacturer. The proposed device eliminates the complicated mechanism in existing devices by replacing the simple effective mechanism. It is designed to handle the load up to 800 kg. It is having a boom, cross-member and bucket connected with linkages that is operated by the existing hydraulic power source present in the tractor. It has the capability to grasp the stock and lift up to 12 feet and deliver it to truck. The loader arm and bucket assemblies are entirely detachable from the tractor in landscaping task. The cross-member is fabricated with carbon steel having square and rectangular cross-section. The device is designed in such a way that even a semiskilled operator can operate and cost effectively.






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Mr.J.David Prasannaraj
Dr.D.Vignesh Kumar