Startup: Tractor Rear Loader

The Micro enterprises “Ramji Agro Implements” (GST Registration number 33CGYPR1975F1ZR, UDYOG AADHAR NO: TN26A0015609) is a registered firm under the sole proprietorship of Mr. S.Rajakumar (Proposer of this project) who is an engineering graduate from mechanical engineering completed his degree at National Engineering College, Kovilpatti. He is from an agricultural family and having 40 acres of land and well-supported by their parents. He has already taken dealership of selling agricultural machinery of SARBAN brand and so far, has made 45 lakhs turnover in six months. As he is actively involved in cultivating suitable crops in 40 acres of land using machinery. Further, he proposed to Start-up Company for manufacturing agricultural machinery. The idea of this proposal has been evolved as a result of practical experience faced in real agricultural task by the student entrepreneur.

The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) had published a detailed survey entitled “LABOUR IN INDIAN AGRICULTURE: A GROWING CHALLENGE” and discussed the labour problems in Indian Agriculture. It is pointed out that there exists acute shortage of labour in agriculture and discussed the reasons.

The objective of the project is to fabricate a simple rear loader attachment to minimize the labour work as well as to minimize the material handling time in farm and construction sector. It is simple in construction and can be easily attached with the existing hydraulic mechanism at the rear side of any tractor. Further, Need for a new mechanism does not arise for attaching the rear loader with the tractor. This attachment is developed to overcome the limitations in the existing products such as high cost and large lifting capacity requiring more powerful tractor. In the present work, rear loader is designed with components which are easily available in the market, so maintenance and replacement of components is not a problem.

At this juncture, the farmers are left with the use of mechanized devices for their agricultural related works. Now a day, the small and medium level farmers have started using tractors and its attachments widely. Even though many tractor attachments are present in the market, handling of agricultural stock, fertilizers, manures are cumbersome in nature and consumes large human efforts.

The designed supporting arm is made with square or rectangular cross-section pipe (mild steel), so that the weight of the product gets reduced. An Unskilled person can also operate this arrangement very quickly as it does not require any specialized training. The loader arm and bucket assemblies are entirely detachable from the tractor in landscaping task. This rear loader attachment also allows for a higher load carrying capacity and lift range. The designed tractor rear loader has the capacity of lifting load up to 500 kg to 800 kg and has enough lift to be able to put loads of mulch, soil, and gravel. Tractors from various manufacturers like Mahindra Arjun (605), Mahindra (575), Swaraj (744), Sonalika (855) can use this rear loader attachment as an accessory without changing its actual mechanism at the rear side. It can lift the weight of 500 to 800 Kg of material up to 10 to 12 feet. Its cost is much lower than compared to other accessories available in the market.

    Start-up entrepreneurial journey from ideation to prototype or commercialization

    The following ideas were implemented in manufacturing the prototype of “Tractor Rear Loader for Farm Application”

    1. The proposed device is used with effective improved mechanism.
    2. Improves the stability of the tractor by bringing down the Centre of Gravity (CG) closer to the CG of tractor. Thus, minimizing the counterweight needed for the tractor.
    3. The capacity of system to lift the weight is increased with lesser effort. The height of the stock lift is also increased.
    4. It is very easy to operate and semiskilled labours can operate the device.
    5. The overall cost of the device is brought down as affordable by small and middle level formers.
    6. The easy removal and attachment are possible as only three pins are used.
    7. The hydraulic circuit is attached with quick release coupling to faster attachment and detachment of oil hoses.
    8. When the bucket is replaced with hook, the system can be used to lift any type of bag contains grains to load and unload from truck.

Contribution of NewGen IEDC in the same

NEC NewGen IEDC sponsors the entire project from scratch to end.

Future Plan

  1. The performance and load carrying capacity of the tractor rear loader attachment is good.
  2. Still, there is a scope to optimize the performance by increasing the lifting load and height without affecting the centre of gravity of the tractor.
  3. It is possible to reduce the weight of the equipment, thus increasing the lifting capacity.
  4. It is possible to eliminate the manual labour thus providing solution to labour problem for agriculture such as scarcity of labour and higher wages.