Student's Outreach


Mr.M.Veera Shanthi Ram and G.S.Rahul of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering have an essence of developing standardized methods to grade the coconut.

They developed a prototype model of a product “Coconut Qualifier” which is supported by NewGen IEDC and NSTEDB, DST, Govt. of India with funding of 2.5 Lakhs.


Our College students Mr.M.Krithik Roson ( 1813052, 2nd year EEE) and Mr.Giftson.S ( 1711028, 3rd year ECE) are acting as our college Campus Ambassadors for the E-Cell IIT Bombay.

In this connection, they conducted and various entrepreneurship promotional activities in our college campus recommended by the E-Cell IIT Bombay throughout this academic year (2019-20).


Students of the project “Biometric based water dispenser”

funded by NEC-NewGen IEDC (2018-19 batch) participated in “PALS 2019-20 innoWAH! Innovation Challenge Competition” at IIT Madras research park, Chennai on 26th February 2020.