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About Makerspace

The institute was recognized with NewGen IEDC funded by DST, NewDelhi and Established by EDII, Ahmedabad, in the year 2017 with a fund of Rs.2.875 crore to develop 85 numbers of commercially viable student projects.

leading to emerging student start-ups. In addition to the above, a maker’s space for new product development.The maker’s space consists of two exclusive laboratories as Ideation lab and the creation lab.

The equipment facilities are provided in the ideation and creation lab by considering the life cycle of a typical product development process, starting from ideation up to final product development.

In particular, a library is established with books on Entrepreneurship, new product development and IPR; A digital fabrication lab with three numbers of 3D printers, a laser cutting machine and a CNC engraving machine tool.

The creation lab is provided with many tools and equipment to perform various mechanical and electrical works. So far, 45 patents have been filed, and three patents have been granted through the products developed in this maker’s space.

Equipment's Available


Carefully measure and record all component values prior to circuit construction, choosing resistor values high enough to make damage to any active components unlikely.

Draw the schematic diagram for the circuit to be analyzed. Or perhaps print out the schematics shown in these lab activities.

Draw the schematic diagram for the circuit to be analyzed. Or perhaps print out the schematics shown in these lab activities.

Carefully build this circuit on your breadboard.

Safety Concern

There is always higher then usual level of risk associated with work in a science lab teachers should be aware of this take necessary precaution to insure that the working environment it as safe as possible .students as horseplay and off-task behavior should not be tolerated.

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Reflectometry Based Noninvasive Diab-Nosis (RND) Device

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Smart Theft Prevention System Using GSM and CLOUD

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