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Smart Trolley Bag

2018 - 2019

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In all houses, it is a tedious task of removing the few inches of water left over due to foot valve of pumps in the sump and clearance below the pipe outlets in Over Head Tanks. One person has to get into the tank for cleaning, which is sometimes a safety hazard. Normally, the leftover water will be shuffled to collect the sediment dust and to clean.

The aim of our project Smart Trolley Bag is to inherit security features in travel bag to sophisticate the human needs during travelling. Wherever people travel, they used to carry luggage primarily through airports all of them dragging out their heavy backpacks. In this 21st century digitalized world, all the products adopt electronics and engineering technologies to support humans. In this proposed product, the travel bag inherits a high-security feature.

The trolley opens or closes only by the authenticated users only after scanning the user’s fingerprint.It also provides other features such that it can be monitored and tracked via an android application specially designed for this trolley. The android application allows only the authenticated user to keep an eye on the bag remotely. In case of theft, the user can track the bag in real-time and can prevent the theft.

Once the trolley bag has tampered, the user gets an email notification in the registered email-ID. At the same time, an alarm will be heard in the trolley to threaten the thief, parallelly the photo of the thief image will be captured and send to the authenticated android application.

An authenticated user can locate the trolley bag by opening the mobile application to check the status of the bag and the history of the GPS latitude and longitude location where it travels, and the image of the thief captured by the inbuilt camera in the bag.

Smart Trolley Bag also has a main advantage of saving all the information to the Google Drive of the authenticated user, and no data are stored locally, and so if the unauthorized person destroys the electronic equipment, it will not on the data. Data from the Trolley Bag synced through WiFi or inbuild 3G Modem and within a small platform, all the facilities implemented together.





2018 - 2019

Project year

2.5 L

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Student's Innovators

Ms.Saranya S

Ms.Priyadarshini A


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